5th - 6th October 2019


Africa Fashion Week Warsaw

About AFWW

Africa Fashion Week Warsaw is one of the events carried out yearly by “Experience Africa Foundation”.  The major aim of Africa Fashion Week Warsaw, Poland is to create integration and dialogue in a relaxed environment, to celebrate and promote Africa as well as encourage business relationship between Poland and Africa especially in the aspect of private partnership.

Thus, bringing to you Africa as it is, who we are and how we truly live our lives on a daily bases. What goes on around us and most of all, our culture and cultural differences. This is who we really are, undiluted, untouched, uncut, its natural and it’s what makes us think the way we do and act the way we act, most of all, it’s our lifestyle that makes our story that reveals to you the business opportunities in Africa.

Why: we have a large market, we have resources and you have expertise. We can put this together and build something great.

Come get entertained with African fashion, dance, music, art, food, life style and a whole lot more.

AFWW is a beautiful thing you do not want to miss. We would like you to feel like you’ve spent a week in Africa. Join us and together we will make history having an unforgettable FIRST EDITION OF AFRICA FASHION WEEK WARSAW with a unique experience.

Experience it all.



Africa Fashion Week Ene Onuh Daniluk

Experience Africa

Africa Fashion Week African Model

An African bazaar will be open with food and products related to african continent.

Support & Patronage

“I believe that the Fashion week which you have planned will bring about a synergy between African fashion and European styles in a way that will bring about a new definition of fashion, not only in Europe and Africa, but worldwide.”

– Samuel Wodi Jimba, Ph.D
Former Ambassador of Nigeria to Poland

“W imieniu członków Parlamentarnego Zespołu ds. Afryki, mam zaszczyt i przyjemność poinformować o przyznaniu honorowego patronatu Zespołu nad Africa Fashion Week Warsaw”

– Killion Munyama
Przewodniczący Parlamentarnego Zespółu ds. Afryki